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No more money stress

One of the first sources of stress is related to money and/or our job. Not having enough money to live is definitely stressful, but most of us have enough to eat and generally have a decent life with the basics covered. However, managing our finances is still stressful for many: either because we never properly learned how to do it and/or we have a negative/complicated personal relationship with money. Emilie Bellet, the brilliant author, explains in this fascinating book how “to apply your growth mindset to your finances”. You can also listen Emilie's podcast, The Wallet (on Apple Podcasts)

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Sleep science

Without necessarily knowing the science behind it, we all know how unpleasant it is to have a bad night’s sleep. You might also know that poor sleep is unhealthy, but by reading Matthew Walker’s book you’ll discover new things about how sleep patterns will affect things as deep as your gene expression and telomeres, involved in aging and many diseases. Moreover, you will learn fascinating things about dreams and how they heal us while we’re sleeping, especially during the REM sleep phase.

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How to stay focused

If you’re struggling to stay focused, this book is for you. Distraction, as opposed to traction, will push you away from your goals. The author explains: “Being indistractable means striving to do what you say you will do.” The book is easy to read and has plenty of practical examples, often times flavoured with humour: “Solely blaming a smartphone for causing distraction is just as flawed as blaming a pedometer for making someone climb too many stairs.” 

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