No more money stress

February 11, 2022
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One of the first sources of stress is related to money and/or our job. Not having enough money to live is definitely stressful, but most of us have enough to eat and generally have a decent life with the basics covered. However, managing our finances is still stressful for many: either because we never properly learned how to do it and/or we have a negative/complicated personal relationship with money.

Emilie Bellet, the brilliant author, explains in this fascinating book how “to apply your growth mindset to your finances”. To make positive changes in our behaviour regarding money, the book suggests several steps about the topic:

  • identify negative thoughts 
  • get educated
  • change your money language
  • be kind to yourself
  • stop the comparison trap
  • make a plan

There are many practical exercises to do and one of my favourites is, maybe not surprisingly, the language one: “stop saying ‘I’m broke’, instead say “I am pre-rich” or instead of “I can’t afford it”, say “I can afford it by doing…”.

I’ll let you discover the book, and remember that “self-worth should not be dependent on your income.”