Echipa noastra

Valorile noastre:

Empatie: suntem buni ascultători și avem o inimă mare
Încredere: poți conta întotdeauna pe noi
Proprietatea datelor: dețineți datele dvs., nu le vom împărtăși niciodată cu terțe părți
Smerenie: avem știința, dar avem multe de învățat împreună
Grit: ne facem misiunea cu pasiune și vrem să vă ajutăm milioane (de milioane) :)

Misiunea noastră

Ajutând milioane de milioane de oameni să aibă o sănătate mintală și o bunăstare mai bună, o calitate mai bună a vieții, inclusiv la locul de muncă, cu ajutorul științei
Ajutând organizațiile să își îmbunătățească cultura pentru a valorifica sănătatea și bunăstarea mentală la locul de muncă
Având un impact societal, făcând oamenii mai sănătoși și mai fericiți
Având un impact societal, făcând oamenii mai sănătoși și mai fericiți

Faceți cunoștință cu echipa noastră

Dr. Lavinia Ionita
CEO & Medical Director

Lavinia is a medical doctor and the founder of Sorcova. Passionate about the science of preventative health, she aims to help people at scale for having a better health & quality of life. She completed Master’s degrees in Addictology, Clinical Psychology & Psychopathology, and also a Certificate in Omics Science from Stanford.

Alex Glontaru

Alex, an Artificial Intelligence Engineer with over a decade of industry experience, has worked for leading tech companies like Amazon and Twitter, as well as various startups, spearheading their AI transformation efforts. He is also the founder of Sapiema, a platform dedicated to making AI accessible to non-technical professionals.

Juliette Marquès

Juliette is a marketing & sales expert and leader specialized in the digital world, with a background in international business. Driven by a passion for societal change, she is committed, within Sorcova Health, to breaking workplace taboos, in particular by tackling the widespread issue of stress being all too normalized, with the aim of creating a better future.

Cristiano Madeira
Technologie & Mobile

With twelve years of experience within the tech sector, I have navigated different roles as a software engineer, engineer manager, and co-founder across early-stage and fast-paced hyper-growth startups, as well as established businesses like Rocket Internet, Choco and OLX.

Dr Cristian Iancu
Doctor scientist

Cristian is a medical doctor and also a PhD laureate with more than 15 years of experience in clinical diagnosis and medical research, mainly in molecular biology laboratories. He has several peer-reviewed publications and a strong interest in bioinformatics, stem cells, ethics, anthropology.

Minh Bui

Minh is a dentist who's graduated from Paris Descartes and is interested in the impact of stress on the dental environment. She has also completed an entrepreneurial program at UC Berkeley and has worded in the tech industry since.

Guillaume Hecquet
Psychiatre | Expert en addictologie

Psychiatre psychothérapeute, praticien hospitalier en addictologie à l’hôpital Marmottan, diplômé de l'université Paris 7. Il est spécialisé dans l'accompagnement des addictions, du psycho traumatisme et du stress chronique.

Frédéric Dériano
Healthcare and psychology

Clinical psychologist, graduated from Paris Cité University, with 20 years of experience in major corporations/businesses. Frederic offers psychological support for issues such as stress and emotion management and addictions, among others.

Ana Talpau
Data science

Ana is an engineer with a big interest in Data Science. She studied communications and electronics engineering @Iasi Technical University in Romania. Passionate about human biology, and helping people improve their well-being, she brings a meticulous eye for detail and she is excited to contribute to innovative health solutions.

Isabell Britsch

Isabell teaches mindfulness and self-compassion in regular meditation classes, dedicated courses over 4-8 weeks, and one to one. Her emphasis is on facilitating a deepening of self awareness through understanding our internal psychology - our patterns of behaviour and how they influence our lives.

Lili Banovici
Data Science

Lili is a data analyst with a background in Economic Informatics, graduating from the Faculty of Economic Sciences. She also worked as a specialized educator, supporting adults with psychological disorders. Recently, Ioana has specialized in data science, where she transforms data into strategic insights. Passionate about leveraging data to improve decision-making, she aims to create a positive impact through her analytical expertise.

Odila Caminos
Instructrice pleine conscience & dramathérapeute

Diplômée à l'institut de Psychologie de l'Université Paris Descartes, instructrice de Pleine conscience MBCT/MBRP formée auprès de Zindel Sega, Odila intervient en addictologie depuis plus de 10 ans en proposant des techniques sur l'affirmation de soi, de méditation et pleine conscience, d’écriture thérapeutique ou encore de dramathérapie, comme outils de psychoéducation pour prévenir la rechute et booster le bien-être global.

Rachid Hammoudi
Sport coach

Rachid is a certified sport coach having acquired several expertises and methodologies in the physical exercise domain. He worked for several well-known gym clubs in Paris, while also working with enterprises for their teams. He is also organising sport related events. With Sorcova, he provides onsite and online group exercise sessions.

Consiliul științific consultativ

Dr. Elisa Kaufmann
Psychiatrist & psychotherapist| Appraiser

Elisa is a specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, expert in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). She is based in Switzerland, treating a variety of mental disorders, with a focus on depression, burnout, anxiety disorders, phobias.

Eric Carrey
Audit Croix Rouge

Directeur de l’audit, du contrôle interne et de la qualité de la Croix-Rouge Française où il œuvre pour l’amélioration continue, en particulier dans les domaines liés au bien-être au travail. Avec une carrière militaire, il a aussi exercé des responsabilités administratives au sein du ministère des Armées ainsi qu’au Conseil d’État. Passionné par la transmission, il intervient depuis 10 ans dans des écoles prestigieuses telles que l’ESSEC ou la Sorbonne pour y partager son expérience et expertise.

Omkar Pimple

Omkar is an engineering leader & entrepreneur with an extensive and varied background in mobile application development. He is a builder that loves
building products that make people happy -
he has a personal presence on the Android
Play Store grossing five million
(5,000,000+) downloads across 180+

Dr Horia Stanescu
Researcher | UCL

Horia is a specialist in Medical Genetics, with more than 20 years international experience in biomedical research. Having spent four years at the National Human Genome Research Institute in the USA, he has brought his expertise to the University College London where he co-directs a multidisciplinary Genetic Analysis Group.

Kevin Contrepois
Researcher | Stanford University

Kévin is an expert in omic research in the context of precision medicine & preventative health. He is director of metabolomics and lipidomics in the Dep. of Genetics at Stanford University (USA) and scientific director of Stanford Metabolic Health Center.

Dr Patrick Hanaway
Doctor Scientist | Cleveland Clinic

Patrick is a board-certified family physician trained at Washington University. For more than 20 years he was worked with his wife, Dr. Lisa Lichtig, in clinical practice at Family to Family: Your Home for Whole
Health Care in Asheville, NC.

Pr Jean-Michel Oughourlian
Psychiatrist | Professor Emeritus Sorbonne

Pr Oughourlian is an neuropsychiatrist and psychologist as well as a writer and philosopher recognised for his work on the mimetic theory of desire. He was a professor at University of Sorbonne Paris V, teaching clinical psychopathology for more than 15 years. He is involved in the fight against poverty, exclusion, and sickness through the defense of the physical, psychological, and spiritual integrity of individuals.

Pr Francois Tarragano
Cardiologist | American Hospital of Paris

Dr Tarragano is a physician cardiologist, chief of cardiology department of Americain Hospital of Paris. He is also a consultant at Lariboisiere Hospital and Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital in London. With extensive experience in interventional cardiology, Dr Tarragano is also interested in preventative health and personalised medicine.

Amanda Fornal
Business Consultant | Explorer | Women in STEM Advocate

Amanda has 25 years of experience as a technology professional and business consultant. She has diverse industry experience implementing software, optimizing processes, and executing change management strategies. She is the founder of Founder Buddies and Women in Exploration and a director at an early-stage startup accelerator. Amanda is also an executive coach trained through Columbia.

Laetitia Vitaud
Future of work

Laetitia is a writer and speaker about the future of work and consumption. She believes in that values of craftsmanship (autonomy, creativity, responsibility) will emancipate workers and help companies create more value(s)

Pascal Gené
Healthcare Management | Lifescience

Pascal Gené is a senior executive, with a medical background and an extensive expertise in the healthcare ecosystem. He worked more than 25 years at IBM France & Europe, including IBM Watson Health business unit, with focus on health and real life data, analytics and cognitive solutions for healthcare and life sciences professionals. He is very passionate about preventative health, ethics and environment.